Who We Are

Ladies of Attraction is a group of businesswomen and artists who have worked with magnets for many years.  We have paired magnets with jewelry for a unique twist on wearable accessories.

Our beautiful and creative pieces will attract you.


Ladies of Attraction is a subsidary of The StarLight Fine Art Glasses, LLC. 

To see more products from The StarLight Company featuring staged miniatures and vignettes from the 

Mini Tiny Treasures company, where you can find unique collectibles just waiting for you to purchase!

visit:  https://www.etsy.com/shop/Minitinytreasures



Our products should not be worn if you wear a pacemaker.

Our products should not be placed on or near electronic devices such as cell phones, tablets or computers.

Ladies of Attraction, a subsidary of The StarLight Fine Art Glasses, LLC. is not responsible for harm to electronics or unintended use of our products or physical harm if ingested.

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